Gutter Cleaning

In addition to daily cleaning, we also specialize in this branch of periodic cleaning. Among our clients are:

  • (Construction) companies
  • Owners Associations (Dutch VvE)
  • Municipalities
  • Government institutions
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Property managers
  • Public Housing Associations
  • Private individuals
  • Hotel and Catering Industry

Removing all kinds of dirt that settles in your gutter prevents flooding and water damage in your home or commercial building. We can therefore say that gutter cleaning is a necessity for your home or business premises. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked and neglect may entail a great deal of expense. Think for example of the various leaks that clogged gutters and downspouts can cause. Downspouts are often clogged because of the dirt that's in your gutter. We also unclog downspouts, but prevention is a much wiser option. Getting your gutters cleaned in time and possibly adding preventive measures (for example a basket-that stops the dirt from coming in-that fit over the downspouts in your gutter) will save you a great ordeal and a lot of expenses. Our advice is to clean your gutter at least once a year, depending on the environment. We can annually schedule for you, so you don't have to worry about it. Most of the time, we carry out our service, after the first leaves have fallen from the trees in autumn.

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