Facade Cleaning

In addition to daily cleaning, we also specialize in this branch of periodic cleaning. Among our clients are:

  • (Construction) companies
  • Owners Associations (Dutch VvE)
  • Municipalities
  • Government institutions
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Property managers
  • Public Housing Associations
  • Private individuals
  • Hotel and Catering Industry

Facade cleaning is the removal of graffiti, dirt and grime on facades of houses and commercial buildings. All types of walls can be cleaned from classic brick to dam walls. When the exterior has been cleaned you can also choose to hydrophobe / impregnate the facade. This is the application of a durable shield or impregnation against dirt, moisture and mold growth. It keeps your facade drier and cleaner. We use an impregnator which ensures that the moisture from the inside goes through and the moisture from the outside stays out. In essence, your facade breaths which means that for example water will not be absorbed.

With facade cleaning we mean not only the cleaning of facades, but also the cleaning of materials that are part of the facade, such as wood, plastic, aluminum and trespa. You may think of dormer windows, shutters and frames for example.

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