Zwaan Totaalreiniging is an all-round cleaning company for both the business and private sector. It all started out with the services 'window cleaning and cleaning' but in the meantime we've expanded to other specialized areas, which led to a substantial increase of the different services we now offer. Window cleaning and cleaning are still our core businesses and therefore the heart of the company.

From the start the company has opted for the name 'Totaal Reiniging' ('Total Cleaning'). We choose this name on purpose and with foresight. Because of our years of experience, the skills necessary for these specialized areas, were already there. When we started the company though, there weren't enough orders to utilize these skills. We knew this would just be a matter of time, because we always strive for the highest quality which is reflected in the final result. Because of this, and combined with a good price and excellent service, we knew that the demand for other services would come naturally. We've grown a lot since then. Nowadays we offer seven comprehensive service packages and we are active in a radius of 50 km around Leiden within the geographical triangle Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Utrecht.

Whether you choose a single service or a complete package, you are in the right place with Zwaan Totaalreiniging!